After 41 years, the Seattle SuperSonics went missing from the National Basketball Association in 2008. Enter an extended sonic tribute to eras when the Sonics were kings in the hearts and minds of Seattle sports fans.

In just under an hour, this mix features many rarities related to the team.

Gary Payton: Livin' Legal And Large, 1994 / Sir Mix-A-Lot: Not In Our House, 1993 / The Presidents of the United States of America: Supersonics, 1996 / Lenny Randle & Ballplayers: Kingdome, 1982

Featuring the voices of the Sonics, Bob Blackburn & Kevin Calabro! And more.

"S is for soul and don't you know? 
... E is for electrified satisfaction 
... A is for action so bold 
... Double T - L - E and make it everlasting"
–Luther Rabb
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